Sr. noJournalize the following transactions:
1Mr. K. Sen paid cash to the business as his capital
2Sold goods to Roy & Sons for Cash
3Purchased goods on credit from Lalani & Co.
4Purchased goods earlier from Techton on credit now returned as the goods were of poor quality
5Paid monthly salary of Accountant by cheque
6Cash withdrawn from business
7Borrowed from State Bank for business
8Received commission by Cash from Saha & Co.
9Paid Salary to Securiity Guard by Cash
10Purchased Air Ticket for Office Tour by cheque
11Deposited Profession Tax of staff by cash
12Paid Tution Fees by cash for proprietor’s son from business 
13Paid monthly Internet Charges of Office by Cash to Reliance Communications
14Proprietor paid Carriage on purchase out of his personal cash
15Purchased curtlery sets for office
16Purchased petrol for office Motor Car by cash
17Paid Telephone bill by Cash
18Written off Bad Debt from Sanjoy A/C
19Paid Rent by cheque
20Deposited Office Cash into Bank
21Cheque received from Agarwal & Co.
22Purchased 50 Blank CDs for office use and paid by cash
23Purchased a table for office by cash
24The proprietor of CK & Co. has introduced fresh capital in cash his own Motor Car and his Personal Furniture
25Received Cash towards Interest
26Sold goods to Mr. X on credit
27Paid Wages by Cash
28Paid Rent & Taxes by Cash
29Paid Samrat now in Cash for goods purchased earlier on credit
30Purchased Goods from Hari
31Being goods sold to Bhandari returned
32Proprietor took away goods for private use
33Purchased paper and pencil and used them for office
34Invested private fund in business as capital
35Paid for the credit purchases from Bharat Trading Co. by cheque
36Machinery standing in the books were sold at half the price in cash
37Paid Service Tax by cash
38Depreciated Building
39Transfer the debit balance on Albert A/C to Smith A/C as per tri-partite agreement.
40Printed Cash Memo and paid by cash
41Received a part by cash in respect of credit sales to Antony last month
42Bank advised that an amount of Rs.250 has been collected by them on behalf as dividend
43Paid a part by cash towards refund of loan
44Sold Old Furniture for Cash
45Bought a show case for business by cash
46Drew cheque and paid Sujit a creditor
47Paid Ram on account by cash
48Received cash from the Proprietor as Capital
49Paid Salary to the Clerk by cash
50Purchased Machinery for Cash
51Sold goods to Naren on credit
52Received cash from Naren
53Paid Barun for the amount due to him and received cash discount
54Sold goods to Abtar Singh
55An amount due from T. Ghosh became irrecoverable and has to be written off
56Paid carriage for goods purchased from Nabin
57Purchased a Table Fan in cash
58Drew money from Bank for office use
59Purchased furniture from Cabinet Co. on credit
60Sold Old Machinery for Cash
61Paid for Building repair
62Bought Postage Stamps
63Paid Commission by cash
64Proprietor P. Basus Life Insurance Premium was paid out of business fund
65Building Materials (in which the business trades) have been used by the proprietor for construction of his personal house.
6620 Bags of cement were distributed as free samples
67Mr. Jones whose Account was written off last year paid us 10% of the total amount by cash
68A cheque was issued and debited to Mallick & Co. who supplied goods. Since Mallick & Co. has closed its business the cheque has to be cancelled.
69Purchased a big signboard for advertisement purpose for cash
70Paid Amit by cash and received 10% discount
71Received Dividend by cash
72Cash paid to business as capital
73Received goods returned by Mahmood
74Purchased goods from B on credit
75Sold goods to Ranjan on credit
76Issued a cheque to Remington Ltd.
77Paid Baidyanath by cheque and received discount
78Proprietor paid for salary of office staff out of his personal bank account
79Brought in cash for business
80An amount received from Ram but credited to Rahim wrongly
81Typewriter purchased but wrongly debited to Plant & Machinery A/C
82Adjusted Drawings A/C balance against Capital A/C
83Purchased a Machine and paid by cheque. Carriage on the Machine was however paid in cash.
84Proprietor enchased his National Savings Certificate and paid a part of it into business.
85Paid for normal repair of building
86Returned goods to Bunty
87Started business with cash and machinery
88Paid Travelling Allowance in cash
89Received cash from David as loan
90Paid wages by Cash for installation of a machine
91Bought Machinery on credit from S.R. Trading which also charged 5% of the amount for Freight on delivery.
92Received cash from Arun towards interest
93Purchased goods from Badal on credit
94Sold goods to Sujoy on credit
95Repaired Motor Car purchased for office use
96Purchased antivirus for office computer by cash
97Paid for a Flower Bouquet for inauguration of a Debtors office
98Paid photocopy charges by cash
99Purchased Tea Bags and Biscuits for office use
100Paid cash towards purchase of printer cartridge
101Paid by cheque towards AMC of 20 office computers
102Purchase 25 Files for office use and paid by cash
103Received Interest from Bank A/C
104Purchased books from office cash
105Received a cheque from Sky Enterprises against service provided
106Paid Insurance Premium to LIC by Cash
107Paid Conveyance Expenses to Sales Staffs by cash
108Sold goods to Mr. B on credit
109Withdrawn cash from business for personal requirement of the Proprietor
110Purchased a printer for office and paid by cheque
111Paid Electricity Bill of office by Cash to CESC Ltd.
112Purchased Land for new office building on 01.03.2011 from Premier Properties Ltd.
113Provided 10 % Depreciation on Plant & Machinery
114Purchased Water Pump for Cash
115Returned goods purchased from Ravi as the goods were of poor quality
116Purchased a Refrigerator on credit from Vision Electronics
117Purchased a keyboard for office use by cash
118Cash paid to business as capital
119Paid Mobile Telephone Expenses (for office use) of the Proprietor by cash
120Sold old news paper for cash
121Paid for repairing of Office AC Machine by cash
122Purchased Revenue Stamps by office cash
123Purchased Motherboard for office computer by cash
124Sold goods to X & Co. by cash
125Paid Interest to Mr.P by Cheque
126Paid Carriage on purchase by Cash
127Furniture purchased but wrongly debited to Plant & Machinery A/C
128Purchased Forms for office by cash
129Started business with cash and furniture
130Received payment by cheque for goods sold earlier to Carlson Ltd.
131Bank Charges deducted by Bank
132Received cash from the proprietor as capital
133Goods distributed as free sample
134Sold Old Machinery for Cash
135Purchased a Computer Table for office use by cash
136Drew cheque and paid Raja a creditor
137An amount due from Bikash became irrecoverable and has to be written off
138Paid towards electrical fittings of office
139Purchased a Delivery Van for Official Use and paid by cheque
140Purchased goods from Olympus Ltd. and received 10% Discount
141Brought in cash for business
142Purchased Raw Materials for business by cash
143Purchased Computer Software for office by cash
144Paid Tiffin Expenses of Auditors by cash
145Borrowed from United Bank for business
146Paid to A & Co. by cheque for printing of Letter Head
147Received commission by Cash from Rogers & Co.
148Withdrawn cash from Bank
149Deposited cash into Bank
150Paid Travelling Expenses for office by cash

 Q. Siya Ram started business with cash 50000

1. Purchased goods for cash 20000

2. Purchased goods from Subhash 12000

3. Purchased furniture for cash 6000

4. Sold goods for cash 13000

5. Sold goods to Mahesh 15000

6. Paid cash to Subhash 8000

7. Received cash from Mahesh 10000

8. Purchased goods from Ravi for cash 7500

9. Purchased goods from Ravi 5000

10. Sold goods to Suresh for cash 12600

11. Sold goods to Suresh 7000

12. Bought Machinery for cash 8000

13. Withdrew cash from office for personal use 2500

14. Paid rent 400

15. Paid wages 450

16. Paid salary to Gopal 1200

17. Received 200

Q. Started business with cash 1,00,000

1. Cash purchased 48000

2. Sold goods to Vasudev 10000

3. Returned defective goods by Vasudev 1000

4. Received cash from Vasudev 8800

5. and Discount allowed 200

6. Chanderkant sold goods to us 20000

7. Pritam Purchased goods from us 12000

8. Paid insurance premium 500

9. Paid for life insurance premium of Sh. Partap Rai 2000

10. Paid cash to Chanderkant 13780

11. and discount allowed by them 220

12. Lent to Mahesh 5000

13. Bought goods from Pawan list price Rs. 15,000 less 20% trade discount

14. Paid to Pawan 8000

15. Received cash from Pritam 6000

16. Paid wages Rs. 400, Advertisement Exps Rs. 250

17. Salaries paid Rs. 1,500

18. Received interest 100

19. Received commission 600

Q. Raghunath started business with cash Rs. 80,000; Goods Rs. 40,000 and Furniture Rs. 20,000

1. Sold goods to Nandlal of the list price of Rs. 20,000 at trade discount of 10%

2. Nandlal returned goods of the list price of Rs. 4,000

3. Received from Nandlal Rs. 14,150 in full settlement of his account

4. Purchased goods from Brij Mohan of the list price of Rs. 10,000 at 15% trade discount

5. Returned goods to Brij Mohan of the list price

6. of Rs.1,000

7. Settled the account of Brij Mohan by paying cash, under a discount of 4%

8. Purchased goods from Anil Rs. 5,000 ; Sunil Rs. 10,000

9. Paid cash to Anil Rs. 1,900 and discount received Rs.100

10. Paid Rs. 9,800 to Sunil in full settlement of his account

11. Bought a Table fan for Rs. 1,200 for the domestic use of Raghunath

12. Sold goods for cash of the list price of Rs. 8,000 at 10% trade discount and 3% cash discount

13. Paid rent Rs. 800 Trade Expenses Rs. 700 and Travelling Expenses Rs. 380

Q. Cash in hand 5000

1. Cash at bank 6000

2. Cheque received from Naresh 3000

3. Discount allowed 100

4. Cheque received from Naresh was deposited into bank

5. Naresh’s cheque dishonoured

6. Cheque paid to Ram 4000 & Discount received 200

7. Cash withdrawn from bank for office use 2000

8. Withdrawn from bank for paying income tax 2500

9. Cheque received from Harish and endorsed it to Shivam on 13th March 4000

10. Given a cheque to Amber for cash purchase of furniture for office use 3000

11. Cash purchase of Rs. 1,500 less 10% trade discount

12. Cheque received for sales of Rs. 10,000 less 10% trade discount cheque was immediately deposited into bank

13. Paid commission by cheque 2000

14. Paid rent 3000

15. Received bank interest 1000

16. Paid bank charges 500

17. Paid into bank the entire balance after retaining Rs. 500 at office.

Assets:- Cash Rs. 15,000;Bank balance Rs. 5,000 ; Stock Rs, 40,000 ; Furniture Rs. 3,600; Debtors Rs. 24,000(X Rs. 6,000; Y Rs. 8,000; Z Rs. 10,000)Liabilities:- Bank Loan Rs. 10,000 ; Creditors Rs. 12,500; (Ajay Rs. 5,000 , Vijay Rs.7,500).

1. Bought goods from Kailash for Rs. 20,000 at a trade discount of 10% and cash discount of 2%. Paid 60% amount immediately

1. Sold goods to X for Rs. 9,000

2. Received Rs. 14,800 from X in full settlement of his account

3. Cash deposit into bank Rs. 10,000

4. Cheque received from Y for Rs. 7,850 in full settlement of his account. This cheque was immediately deposit into bank

5. Received a cheque from Z Rs. 2,000

6. Cheque received from Z deposit into bank

7. Cheque received from Y dishonoured

8. Cash sales Rs. 15,000; Out of this amount Rs. 12,000 deposit into bank

9. Amount due to Ajay paid by cheque

10. Old newespaper sold Rs. 50

11. Old furniture sold Rs. 750

12. Z became insolvent and 40 paise in a rupee cound be received from his estate

13. Purchased goods from Gopal and paid by cheque Rs. 8,000

14. Sold half of the above goods to Chanderkant at a profit of 30% on cost

15. Proprietor withdrew for private use Rs. 2,000 from office and Rs. 3,000 from bank

16. Paid salary to Motilal by Cheque Rs. 2,000

17. Paid rent by cheque Rs. 1,500

18. Paid trade expenses Rs. 500

Q Started business with cash 2,00,000

1. Bought office furniture 30,000

2. Paid into bank to open a current account 1,00,000

3. Purchased a computer and paid by cheque 2,50,000

4. Bought goods on credit from Ritika 60,000

5. Cash sales 30,000

6. Sold goods to Krishna on credit 25,000

7. Cash paid to Mansi on account 30,000

8. Goods returned to Ritika 2,000

9. Stationery purchased for cash 3,000

10. Paid wages 1,000

11. Goods returned by Krishna 2,000

12. Cheque given to Ritika 28,000

Q Commenced business with cash 1,10,000

1. Opened bank account with H.D.F.C. 50,000

2. Purchased furniture 20,000

3. Bought goods for cash from M/s Rupa Traders 30,000

4. Purchased good from M/s Hema Traders 42,000

5. Sold goods for cash 30,000

6. Sold goods on credit to M/s. Gupta Traders 12,000

7. Rent paid 4,000

8. Paid trade expenses 1,000

9. Received cash from Gupta Traders 12,000

10. Goods return to Hema Traders. 2,000

11. Cash paid to Hema Traders 40,000

12. Bought postage stamps 100

13. Paid salary to Rishabh 4,000

Q1. Enter the following transactions in the purchases book. Mar.2012

1. Purchased from Rajendra Bros. Mahendrgarh (Invoice No. 324) 50 tins Ghee @ Rs. 500 per tin 100 bags sugar @ Rs. 900 per bag Less : 10% trade discount

2. Bought from Bhartat Stores, Madurai (Invoice No. 377) 20 bags Gram @ Rs. 300 per bag 10 bags Sugar @ Rs. 1000 per bag 15 bags wheat @ Rs. 400 per bag Less : 10%Trade Discount

3. Bought from Harish Kumar Chaudhary, Kotihar (Invoice No. 390) 10 bag sugar @ Rs. 1000 per bag 30 tins Ghee @ Rs. 400 per tin

Q2. Enter the following transactions in the

1. Purchased from Suresh Gupta, Jaipur (Invoice No. 2680) 100 bags wheat @Rs. 400 per bag 50 bags Gram @ Rs. 450 per bag 200 bags sugar @ Rs. 900 per bag

2. Bought of Virendra Vig. Delhi (Invoice No.2015) 100 bags wheat @ Rs. 400 per bag 100 bags Gram @ Rs. 450 per bag

3. Surendra Gupta, Agra sold to us : (Invoice No. 2950) 100 bags sugar @ Rs. 900 per bagRajesh Kumar, Dehradun sold to us (Invoice No. 350) 200 bags wheat @ Rs. 460 per bag.

Q3. From the following particulars of Baljinder Flour Mills prepare a Sales Book : 2005

1. Sold to Gupta Brothers 90 Bags of Sugar @ Rs. 85 per bag 20 Quintals Rice @ Rs. 300 per quintal Less : 10% Trade Discount

2. Sold to Jugal Furniture House 80 Chairs of Rs. 10 each

3. Sold to M/s Kunal & Sons for cash 30 qtl. wheat @ Rs. 250 per qtl. 40 Tins Oil @ Rs. 150 per tin

4. Sold to M/s Chaman and Company 120 Bags of wheat @ Rs.90 per bag. 30 Tins oil @ Rs. 200 per tin 60 Bags of rice @ Rs. 150 per bag Less: Trade Discount = 15%.

Q4. From the following information of M/s Gajadhar and Sons prepare a Sales Book 2007

1. Sold to Mohan vide invoice No. 325, 40 kg. Assam Tea @ 66 per kg less trade discount of 5%. VAT @ 4%. Freight and Packing charges were separately charged in the invoice at Rs. 352.

2. Sold to Ramanand vide (Invoice No. 426), 5 chests of tea for Rs. 3960 less trade discount @ 10% and VAT is charged @ 12.5%.

3. Sold to Krishna & Sons vide Cash Memo No. 845, 80 kg butter @ Rs. 200 per kg; less trade discount @ 25% and VAT @ 4%. `

4. Sold to Shivhare vide invoice No. 189, 30 packets of Darjeeling Tea @ Rs. 110 per packet less trade discount Rs. 220, charged VAT @ 12.5%.

Q5. Enter the following transactions of Tanuj & Co. in the proper books : 2012

1. Sold on credit to Sethi & Co. (Invoice No. 515) 10 Electronics Iron @ Rs. 25 5 Electric Stoves @ Rs. 15

2. Purchased on credit from Hari & Sons : (Invoice No. 601) 25 Heaters @ Rs. 40 10 Water Heaters @Rs. 20

3. Purchased for cash from Mohan and Co.(Invoice No. 625) 10 Electric Kettles @ Rs. 30

4. Sold to Gopal Bros. on credit : (Invoice No. 648) 10 Heaters @ Rs. 50 5 Water Heaters @ Rs. 25

5. Returned to Hari & Sons : (Debit Note No.650) 5 Heaters, being defective

6. Purchased from Kohli & Co. (Invoice No. 712) 10 Toasters @ Rs. 20 10 Water Heaters @ Rs.30

7. Gopal Bros. returned one water heater as defective. (Credit Note No.425)

Tally Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
F12 Only Press F12
F12 Alt F12
F12 Ctrl F12
Print Alt P
Export Alt E
Create Ledger ALC
Alter Ledger ALA
To See Entries (ALL) DD (Display −−−> Daybook −−−> Select Period
To See One Ledger DAL (Display −−−> Account −−−> Book Ledger)
Important Shortcuts While Passing Entry
Make Ledger Alt C
Change Ledger Ctrl Enter
Enter Enter Ctrl A
Calculator Ctrl N
To Hide Ledger Alt R
To Unhide Ledger Alt U
F1 To select a company
To select the Accounts Button and Inventory buttons
F2 To change the menu period
F3 To select the company
F4 To select the Contra voucher
F5 To select the Payment voucher
F6 To select the Receipt voucher
F7 To select the Journal voucher
F8 To select the Sales voucher
F8  (CTRL+F8) To select the Credit Note voucher
F9 To select the Purchase voucher
F9  (CTRL+F9) To select the Debit Note voucher
F10 To select the Reversing Journal voucher
F10 To select the Memorandum voucher
F11 To select the Functions and Features screen
F12 To select the Configure screen
ALT + 2 To Duplicate a voucher
ALT + A To Add a voucher
ALT + C To create a master at a voucher screen (if it has not been already assigned a different function, as in reports like Balance Sheet, where it adds a new column to the report)
ALT + D To delete a voucher
To delete a master
(if it has not been already assigned a different function, as explained above)
ALT + E To export the report in ASCII, SDF, HTML OR XML format
ALT + I To insert a voucher
Alt+H Help Shortcut
ALT + O To upload the report at your website
Alt+I Insert a voucher / To toggle between Item and Accounting invoice
Alt+N To view the report in automatic columns (Multiple Columns at all reports, Trial Balance, Cash/bank books, Group Summary & Journal Reg
Alt+U Retrieve the last line which is deleted using Alt+R
Alt+Y Register Tally
ALT + M To Email the report
ALT + P To print the report
ALT + R To remove a line in a report
ALT + S To bring back a line you removed using ALT + R
ALT+ V From Invoice screen to bring Stock Journal screen
ALT + W To view the Tally Web browser.
Alt+Z Zoom
ALT + X To cancel a voucher in Day Book/List of Vouchers
ALT + R To Register Tally
CTRL + A To accept a form – wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is.
Ctrl+Alt+B Check the Company Statutory details
Ctrl+M Switches to Main Area of Tally Screen
Ctrl+N Switches to Calculator / ODBC Section of Tally Screen
Ctrl+R Repeat narration in the same voucher type irrespective of Ledger Account
Ctrl+T Mark any voucher as Post Dated Voucher
Ctrl+Alt+C Copy the text from Tally (At creation and alternation screens)
Ctrl+Alt+V To paste the text from Tally (At creation and alternation screens)
Ctrl+F9 Select Debit Note Voucher
Ctrl+Alt+c (for copy) Ctrl+Alt+v (for paste) Duplicate narration in many Vouchers
Ctrl+F6 Rejection In
CTRL + B To select the Budget
CTRL  + C To select the Cost Centre
To select the Cost Category
CTRL+ E To select the Currencies
CTRL + G To select the Group
CTRL + I To select the Stock Items
CTRL + L To select the Ledger
CTRL + O To select the Godowns
CTRL + Q To abandon a form – wherever you use this key combination, it quits that screen without making any changes to it.
CTRL + Alt + R Rewrite data for a Company
CTRL + S Allows you to alter Stock Item master
CTRL + U To select the Units
Ctrl + V To select the Voucher Types
ALT + F1 To close a company
To view detailed report
To explode a line into its details
ALT+ F2 To change the system period
ALT + F3 To select the company info menu
To create/alter/shut a Company
ALT + F4 To select the Purchase Order Voucher Type
ALT + F5 To select the Sales Order Voucher Type
To view monthly and quarterly report 
ALT + F6 To select the Rejection Out Voucher Type
To change the Sales Order Voucher Type
ALT + F7 To select the Stock Journal Voucher Type
To accept all the Audit lists 
ALT+ F8 To select the Delivery Note Voucher Type
To view the Columnar report
ALT + F9 To select the Receipt Note Voucher Type
ALT + F10 To select the Physical Stock Voucher Type
ALT + F12 To filter the information based on monetary value
CTRL + ALT + F12 Advanced Config
PgUp Display previous voucher during voucher entry/alter
PgDn Display next voucher during voucher entry/alter
ENTER To accept anything you type into a field.
To accept a voucher or master
To get a report with further details of an item in a report.
ESC To remove what you typed into a field
To come out of a screen
To indicate you do not want to accept a voucher or master.
SHIFT + ENTER Collapse next level details
SHIFT + ENTER To explode a line into its details
CTRL + ENTER To alter a master while making an entry or viewing a report

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